Gabriella Le Breton

An experienced and imaginative freelance writer
specialising in skiing, adventure and luxury travel.

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When I’m not on a mountain or a cruise ship, chances are I’ll be doing something outdoors somewhere in the world, be it heli-yoga in Canada, diving between tectonic plates in Iceland or fly-fishing in Maine. I am always keen to try a new activity and have never been known to turn down an adventure. 


Examples of adventure travel features I have written:

The Independent, 26 June 2023   Inside the dangerous world of explorer tourism

France magazine, June 2017    Kayaking in Normandy

The Daily Telegraph, 13 October 2015    Learning self-defence in Bali 

The Evening Standard, 7 August 2015    Thy Kingdom Come: Bhutan

Hip & Healthy, 15 October 2014   Regaining wellbeing in Bali

The Sunday Telegraph, 26 May 2014    Great American Walks

The Financial Times, June 12 2010      Diving between tectonic plates, Iceland  

The Financial Times, February 20 2010     Avalanche training course, France

The Sunday Telegraph, June 6 2010     Honey-hunting in the Himalayas, Nepal

The Sunday Telegraph, May 18 2010      Heli-yoga in the Rockies, Canada

The Sunday Telegraph, May 9 2010      The Vermont Outdoor Women's Doe Camp, USA

The Sunday Telegraph, February 29 2008     Discovering Mauritania, Africa